A holiday gift that's perfect and affordable. Are you clueless as to what kind of gifts to give this year? Click through to read more about an affordable holiday gift idea.Every holiday season, I always find myself spending tons of dollars on a holiday gift that is overly priced or unoriginal. But it’s probably because the gifts that I buy are last minute. Or I’ve run out of ideas on what to buy because I always feel like my family has everything they ever need. Do you run into this awkward problem yourself?

Each holiday season it seems that many products for gift giving are becoming more and more expensive. But this year, I decided to get creative and either make my own gifts or find unique products for sale that are affordable but still just as thoughtful.

What is the perfect affordable holiday gift that you can give this holiday season?


Art prints! The reason printables are the perfect gift for this season is because they are affordable and unique. You can shop for them right from the comfort of your own home. The best part about printables is that you receive them instantly and you can print them right at home! Or you can send them out to an online store and have them frame it up for you while they ship it to your house!

I think that these gifts are great because mostly everyone loves home decor. If you know someone who has the same tastes as you do, then this would considerably be the perfect gift for you to buy for someone.

Where to shop?

So if you’re looking for somewhere to start shopping for digital prints. Look no further than Etsy! There are a ton of creative people out there who are selling digital prints at a decent price! In fact, you can even check out my new shop here! I just opened up a new Etsy shop called Pretty Crafty by McKinsey, and I will be adding many more listings later on.


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