A stay home mom's guide to happiness after the holidays discusses little tips and tricks to staying mentally strong and healthy during this winter season.

A stay home mom’s guide to happiness after the holidays discusses little tips and tricks to staying mentally strong and healthy during this winter season. Sometimes I get a little cabin fever if I don’t get outside enough. But I hate being out in the cold. And when you’re stuck inside all day with a toddler, your day can drive you a little nuts. So here’s a little how-to guide to staying sane while being indoors.

I absolutely love this time of year. The holidays always brings out the happiness and joy inside of me. And it always brings our family closer, which I love to spend time with family. But when you’re a stay at home mom, the cabin fever can tend to settle in post-holiday season. And that’s when my seasonal depression and anxiety usually kicks into high gear.

Normally, I don’t mind the cold days as long as they are sunny. But if you live near the western Pennsylvanian area, you can tell the difference in your mood because it’s cloudy just about every day here. I noticed this big difference when I lived in Virginia. Virginia is much sunnier in the winter compared to Pennsylvania. So, I noticed how much happier I was after living in Pennsylvania for a while due to my mood changes. That was over a decade ago, so this has been a repeating cycle for me for many years.

So, I decided to try and break the cycle this time. Because who actually likes to be depressed? I sure don’t. I love to be cozy and sit on the couch with my family. But I hate to sit there and think of all the depressing thoughts that eventually flow through my head after a while. So, it’s important to keep yourself busy and strengthen your mental health after the holiday season. I’m sharing these ideas with you because I don’t want you to suffer either, mama. So keep reading, and be sure to grab my free self-care workbook to help keep you happy and healthy after this holiday season.

A stay home mom's guide to happiness after the holidays discusses little tips and tricks to staying mentally strong and healthy during this winter season. Click through today to learn more. #motherhoodinspiration #simpleliving #happiness #motherhoodtips

A mom’s guide to happiness after the holidays starts with journaling

Keep a diary of inspirational quotes and expand on them. What do they mean to you? Or you can write about how your day went and even what’s been bothering you that day. Journaling always helps me to be inspired and to get off of what’s been on my chest. This also helps you to go back and self reflect on your thoughts and how you’ve changed in the present. Self reflection is always a good task for you to do because it helps you to change your ways or to be the person that you’ve always wanted to be.

I always found journaling to be therapeutic. Even when you don’t go back to read what you write, it really helps to express your feelings. Trust me on this because I’ve experienced it and you always feel like your letting a grudge go. Sometimes I even learn something about myself when this happens. Journaling is a part of a stay-home mom’s guide to happiness because it is self care. And my self-care workbook actually helps you to get started with a couple journaling exercises.

So what’s the takeaway from this?

  1. Expand your mind.
  2. Express your feelings.
  3. Be inspired.
  4. Self-reflect.
  5. Let go of your grudges and learn something new about yourself.

Reading a new book

I’ve always read that successful people read every day and not watch tv. But being successful can mean different things to people whether that is your career or in your personal life. So, whether you are looking for self help or you’re just trying to increase your imagination, make it a goal to keep reading each day. A mom’s guide to happiness is to keep educating yourself.

So, just because you finished high school or graduated college doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have to keep up with today’s trends and cultural changes. I am always curious about the world’s history and current cultural values. But I also love to read books that help me improve my business or that are able to spark my imagination.

Learn something new each day

As mentioned before, you can keep learning by reading a book. But it doesn’t have to stop there. Read the news, or some of your favorite companies that write articles. But if you’re not into being an avid reader then how are you still reading this blog post? …In all seriousness, you can listen to podcasts or whatever floats your boat. Just make it a point to keep learning something new each day. This will keep your mind busy for those days when you’re not able to step out of the house.

Listen to some inspirational podcasts

Speaking of podcasts, find ones that are inspiring and that have value to you. I love to listen to podcasts that are for female entrepreneurs. I take away a lot of information when I get a minute listen to something that helps me to improve myself or my business. But there are also other podcasts that have to do with a mom’s guide to happiness. So, it’s interesting to see what you can find. Happier with Gretchen Rubin’s podcast is a great start to living happy and gaining personal growth.

Keep in check with your self care routine

It’s important to keep in check with with your self care routine if you have one. If you don’t, then you are missing out on bettering yourself mentally and physically. You can keep in check with your self care routine by writing it down in your journal or you can grab my free self care workbook available in the Freebies Library.

Here’s a few ideas for self care:

  • Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
  • Soak in the tub with added essentials such as oils or rose petals.
  • Have girls night once a month or date night every week.
  • Every Sunday I like to use this face mask to detoxify my skin. This really helps take the redness away even if you have adult acne. It’s totally worth the money.

Get up an hour or two earlier than you usually do

A mom’s guide to happiness starts with the early bird who gets the worm.This might sound dreadful to you, but it’s actually an amazing feeling when you’re up before your little one. I love to get up early, sip on my coffee, and go over what I need to do for the day. You’re actually most productive when you start your day bright and early. So push yourself to do this at least once a week. In fact, I challenge you to do this and write down how your day went. Were you happier? Did you feel like you got more stuff done? Answer these questions to see how it went for you.

A stay home mom's guide to happiness after the holidays discusses little tips and tricks to staying mentally strong and healthy during this winter season.

A mom’s guide to happiness includes having a small gathering and good food. Like a casual dinner party.

So if you’ve just spent the holidays with a bunch of family and friends, there’s no reason to not have a small gathering after the holidays are over. This really helps to break up your routine and take your mind off of things. It may be a newer kind of stress than you’re used to but prepping for a small gathering is a happy and fun kind of stress to me. And stress doesn’t have to be a bad thing either. There’s always a good kind and a bad kind of stress. So be sure to plan a simple dinner party or even go fancy. Whatever you like to your choosing. Just make sure that you’re having fun while you’re at it.

Here’s a great article on tips to hosting a casual dinner party.

I also always find that when I force myself to go to a gathering or host one myself, that socializing helps to keep my anxiety down on all levels. So definitely give yourself an excuse to break up your routine like this every once in a while.

Lastly, give yourself credit where it is due.

A stay-home mom’s guide to happiness is to always be kind to yourself and give yourself the credit that is so badly needed. You work hard for the kind of life that you want to live, so give yourself a good pat on the back and go eat a bowl of ice cream for goodness sake.

Sign up today to grab my free self care workbook in the freebies library! What is there to think about? It’s free and it’s beneficial to you so just go do it! 🙂

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