Preventing seasonal depression seems like an impossible thing to do, especially when you don't have the time for it. Beat the winter blues by reading this list of self care activities for the mom who loves to stay at home. #selfcare #motherhoodinspiration #seasonaldepression

Preventing seasonal depression seems like an impossible task, especially when you think you don’t have the time for it. But you can beat the winter blues by reading through this list of 32 self care activities for the mom who loves to stay at home. Don’t have the time to read it now? Pin it here for later!

The thought of having the winter blue’s frightens me a little bit. You’re probably thinking that I am being a little dramatic over this. But I’ve had my own personal experience with depression and anxiety. And obviously it isn’t a fun time.

Here’s the reason it scares me.

Two years ago after giving birth, I filled a new role of being a mom and my life had changed forever. Not that this was a bad thing. I love being a stay-at-home mom. But the thought of having a little one to fully depend on me was a scary thought. I didn’t have the self-confidence that I needed, and so, the self-doubt and negative thoughts came forward. And those abnormal thoughts replaced the good ones. Which soon after that, anxiety and sadness followed. This was a scary time for me because I was looking forward to being the best mother that I could be. I was excited to be a mom. But I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t happy. I figured that maybe it was just too much stress that I was carrying.

Although, I didn’t want to think of my baby being the burden to my own happiness. In this case, it was just me overthinking, over-analyzing things and wondering how I was going to survive this.

Prevent the winter blues with a list of these 32 self-care activities if you're a homebody mama. | Self Care | Self Care Activities | Self Care for Moms | Motherhood Inspiration | Motherhood Tips | Mom Life | Stay at Home Mom | Mom tips || Mom Hacks | Winter Blues | Seasonal Depression | Winter Activities | #homebodymom #selfcare #selfcareactivities #momlife #motherhood #winteractivities

Preventing seasonal depression seems like an impossible thing to do, especially when you don't have the time for it. Beat the winter blues by reading this list of self care activities for the mom who loves to stay at home. #selfcare #motherhoodinspiration #seasonaldepression

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But when I had my daughter in September, winter came right around the corner and I knew something wasn’t right in my head.

So, the combination of changing hormones and being cooped up inside all day made me realize that I wasn’t doing anything to keep myself mentally strong. I didn’t plan on that happening. Of course, I was too focused on learning how to be a mom.

And the sad reality of this was that I wasn’t enjoying my new life-role that I had taken on. Although I loved my baby, I don’t think I gave myself enough of the love that I so badly needed. And I was too stressed about everything going on in my life that I never made time to focus on my own happiness. I never want to go back to that place again. So, now you probably understand why I am being a little dramatic about this.

My new mantra is to focus on positive affirmations, being happy, and to always have a purpose in life.

I love to focus on the good things. And after making those changes in my life, I can now focus on being a happy mom and embrace motherhood. I look forward to getting up every single day by setting new goals for myself. Whether its for my business or my personal life. So, it’s time to stop focusing so much on the bad things. Because one thing that I’ve learned is that you can always make things work and get through the tough times if you just try a little each day.

This winter, I don’t want the cabin fever to settle in and so far, I’ve been doing well for myself. So, the best way to achieve this personal goal is to create a list of activities for yourself by staying busy, being active, and mentally strong.

Preventing seasonal depression seems like an impossible thing to do, especially when you don't have the time for it. Beat the winter blues by reading this list of self care activities for the mom who loves to stay at home. #selfcare #motherhoodinspiration #seasonaldepression

Here’s your list of 32 self care activities to preventing the winter blues:

1. Have a quiet night after your child goes to bed and read a book.
2. Make a game for you and your child. (Inspirational games)
3. Do a room makeover. Like make a beautiful play room for your child or redo your office.
4. Keep your self care routine in check. Grab my FREE self-care starter workbook today by signing up here.
5. Take up a new indoor hobby and keep learning something new each day.
6. Start writing. Blogging is kind of my therapy.
7. Soak in the tub and listen to music or read a book and have a glass of wine.
8. Make a date night with a friend or your hubby at home.
9. Watch a new movie on Netflix that you’ve been wanting to see.
10. Take an online course.
11. Get amazing food delivered to your door.
12. Jot down things that you’re grateful for.
13. Start an indoor garden
14. Reorganize your closets.
15. Listen to inspirational podcasts
16. Have a cocktail party or a small gathering of close friends and family.
17. Turn on the stereo and play your favorite music or kids music and have a happy dance party.
18. Take up yoga or a new exercise routine.
19. Meditate
20. Window shop online.
21. Message old friends online and send them a positive thought.
22. Write down your own positive thoughts to keep you motivated.
23. Grab a new scented candle that makes your home smell amazing or make your own.
24. Look for inspirational quotes to keep you going through the day.
25. Try a new recipe.
26. Get up extra early.
27. Find some inspirational quotes to live by.
28. Use essential oils for healing and aromatherapy.
29. Write positive things about yourself
30. Spread kindness to each person you interact with whether it be online, over the phone, or in person
31. Make intentional goals for yourself and try to reach them.
32. Write a letter or send a photo to a family member to let them know they’re in your thoughts

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In the end, you can prevent seasonal depression by keeping yourself busy, stay happy, and look forward to what the future has in store for you. Stay motivated by thinking of your end-goals. What do those look like to you? Sign up below today to get my FREE Self Care Starter Workbook and gain an ALL ACCESS PASS to the freebies library. You will receive weekly letters from me + exclusive motherhood & DIY content.

15 Comments on 32 Self Care Activities to Prevent Winter Blues – For the Homebody Mama

  1. Can totally relate to the seasonal depression. One important thing for me is always being aware that it’s temporarily and summer is just around the corner.

  2. This is a great list! So many of these self care activities are crucial to keep some sense of happiness when you can’t get out to do much. I especially love the intentional goal setting to keep yourself in check! Great job!

  3. Thanks for sharing these tips! I turned to blogging after getting a diagnosis the second time around with postpartum anxiety. Finding the humor in crazy moments with kids has been so helpful for me. I appreciate you honesty and openness about your struggle with starting out as a new mom. I related with it a lot.

    • I know what you mean and can totally relate to the postpartum anxiety. My only regret is not reaching out for help with my mental issues. I’m glad you can find that humor in being a mama. After all, laughter is the best medicine!

  4. So many awesome self-care activities in one spot. I love it! It’s so important that we take time to indulge in the activities that help us relax and unwind and make us feel awesome. And this list is a powerful reminder that there are tons of ways to do that! Self-care can be taylored to the individual yo!

    These days I’m all about a hot bath with a good book. And a nice, long walk (when it isn’t too cold). And whatever else I’m feeling at the time. But now I have more inspiration and ideas! Thank you :).

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