If you’re looking for a quick and simple DIY tutorial for creating your own basket wall, then you’ve come to the right blog, my friend. In this tutorial, you can follow along with these three easy steps that will help guide you on your DIY basket wall. Be sure to save this idea here for later!

I’ve been seeing a huge trend on Instagram, lately, and it is truly the most inexpensive DIY project going around. So I had to try this DIY basket wall project for myself. And I have to say that it was so very simple to recreate. With this latest project of mine, I decided to place these wall baskets in the entryway. I figured that these baskets would make a lovely statement as soon as you walk into my home.

My husband even loved this idea as well. Bonus points!

So, where can you even get these baskets from?

Start out at your local thrift stores! I bought all of my baskets from Goodwill. But you can even look at flea markets and yard sales in your area. Each of the baskets was priced from $.50 to $1 a piece. You can also check out some of the other vintage thrifty items I bought in my IGTV video here!

It was really easy to find all of my baskets in one place. And I made sure that each one of the baskets was unique.

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Materials you will for the basket wall:

What’s the first step for a DIY wall basket?

First, you will want to start by laying out your baskets on the ground to get a visual of how you want them to look on your wall. Set them up and move them around to your liking.

Quick tip: Start with the middle piece that is most unique to you. That way you can work your way around the middle piece and have it stand out.

The second step is to measure your baskets.

You’ll want to measure your wall and place a mark on the wall for where you will want to hang your middle basket.

Quick tip: Avoid hanging your first basket above eye level. It just looks better that way.

You can also measure how wide you want to lay out your baskets to ensure that it fits the way you want it to look on your wall.


It’s time to hang your baskets on the wall!

Now that you’ve gotten your measurements in place and you’ve decided how you want to hang them, it’s time to get those basket up! Depending on how big your basket is, you can either place one nail in the middle of the basket. If it is wider then you can place one nail on each end to make sure that the basket holds. Use a hammer to get those nails in place and there you have it.

Check out my YouTube video here to see how I made my own basket wall.

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