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About Pretty Crafty and Wanderful

Being a mother is one of the single greatest gifts in the world. But it can also be challenging and frustrating to no end. Although you love your child unconditionally, there can be times where you feel like no one is listening to you.

I’m McKinsey. And I started Pretty Crafty and Wanderful to support first-time, stay at home mothers just like you. I provide solutions and insights to the challenges that come with motherhood. Aside from this, I also love to show off my diy tutorials for crafts and home decor!

lifestyle motherhood diy crafts home decor blog business
lifestyle motherhood diy crafts home decor blog business

As a first time stay at home mom, I get it. I can relate to the struggles of motherhood. A few years ago, I had left my job in retail management for another opportunity as an administrative assistant. I loved my job! It was a completely different atmosphere compared to working in the retail industry. But the second week I started working there, I found out I was pregnant!

After I learned this surprising news, I started preparing as much as I could. But I thought to myself how am I going to afford a baby? Should I keep working and plan to pay for high daycare expenses? Or do I stay home and figure out another way to pay for my bills?

As time passed on, my husband and I got hitched! (We were supposed to have an outdoor wedding. But it was all snowy, rainy and windy on our special day!) And when it was time for the baby to arrive, we had a beautiful baby girl 18 hours and 1 emergency c-section later!

lifestyle motherhood diy crafts home decor blog business

Thankfully my employer offered me to take time off instead of becoming unemployed. But as I was just getting to know my girl, the time off was not enough! So I quit my job to be a full-time stay at home mom. This was the scariest decision that I had ever made. But I didn't know that being home alone every day would take a toll on me. I had depression for a few weeks, lots of anxiety and crazy mood swings! But I adjusted to the loneliness by keeping myself busy. My baby girl is a toddler now, but I still get anxiety. And this is where I started Pretty Crafty and Wanderful. It is to help moms just like you and I am so excited for you to be here. Take a moment to join Pretty Crafty and Wanderful's tribe so that you never have to miss out on new content! Plus, get a FREE planner for personal use or planning your DIY projects! It includes goal worksheets, a weekly and monthly calendar, and a space for your notes. Sign up today!

lifestyle motherhood diy crafts home decor blog business

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